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Disinfecting your phone

Mobile phone, tablet, cover, glasses, keyboard or TV remote control and other electronic devices that we touch and put on our face are covered with bacteria and viruses.

How to maintain, clean and disinfect your mobile devices?

Above all, it is necessary not to give your phone to other people and not to publicly display your mobile phone on the desk. However, this alone may not be enough, as the infected person can sneeze or cough on your phone and droplets fall on the device ... We recommend two methods to disinfect your mobile phone.

Alcohol-based disinfection

This method is very simple; compared to UV disinfection the thoroughness of the whole process is essential.

How to proceed?

Time required: 5 minut.

Get alcohol-based cleaning clothes such as Germidin Pro or similar.

  1. Switch off your mobile phone

    To avoid accidentally starting apps or other programmes it is better to switch your phone completely.

  2. Wash your hands

    Clean and properly washed hands are the basis of success. Alternatively you can use rubber gloves.

  3. Remove the phone from the cover

    Remove the case or take the device out of the protective cover. Clean it as well.

  4. Use an alcohol-based cloth

    Wipe the display, keyboard, all the parts and back side thoroughly using a cloth. Be very careful and do not forget to clean any part. Also clean the case or cover of the device.

  5. Place the device on a clean surface

    Place the disinfected phone on a dry and clean surface.

  6. Wash your hands

    Wash your hands thoroughly again or throw away the gloves. Put the used cloth in the trashcan.

  7. Finished

    Now you can use your mobile phone again. Do not lend it to others or display it in public unnecessarily. For example use wireless headphones.

Disinfection with UV radiation

A portable UV sterilisation lamp CleaniX has been launched on the market. You can use it to disinfect various devices and objects. Another option is specialized UV sanitizers designated directly for mobile phones such as SaniTron or SmartSanitizer Pro. All you need to do is insert your mobile phone and the built-in UV lamp ensures sterilization.

How to proceed?

The process is similar to the previous case; only a device with a built-in UV lamp instead of manual cleaning is used. Simply insert your mobile phone into the device and wait for 5 minutes. UV radiation ensures maximum disinfection and removes bacteria and viruses from your phone.

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