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Muama LingoGet

Do you want to learn language quickly and effectively or are you searching for a practical interpreter that you can put into your pocket? Language assistant Muama LingoGet can help with both

In order to learn a new language at a high level, you can’t just use the traditional methods of learning from the textbooks and memorizing new words. You need to start using more effective methods to learn a foreign language that you’re more likely going to enjoy more. Experts on language studying agree that in order to learn a new language, you need to learn it the fun way. You have to change the ways in which you learn it, and primarily, you need to speak it from the beginning. But how to do it when you don’t have the right pronunciation and not the right language bank? Get yourself the best electric foreign languages teacher Muama LingoGet, which will help you with everything you need to speak it. Also, thanks to its small size, you can easily put it into your pocket and you can have it with you basically all the time.

Muama LingoGet

Minimal pocket teacher

Muama LingoGet is the most effective and cheapest electronic machine for learning foreign languages you can buy. It’s based on scientific methods that involved working with each language and it went through multiple tests that were designed to help you on your way to understand foreign speakers. You can use it to practice all the necessary language skills and levels. It will help not just  your pronunciation, but also your writing, reading and listening.

Compared to expensive language courses, textbooks and a vast load of resources that you need for normal learning of foreign language, Muama LingoGet presents itself as a very effective and financially-easy alternative to learn new language. You can use it to learn more than 30 world languages quicker than ever before. Language assistant is ideal also for beginners that aren’t able to move on from being a beginner.  Thanks to the option of choosing 3 levels of difficulty even you can get better in foreign language with this little electronic helper. You can use it to lean at home in your bathrobe on trips and vacations. You can take the device basically anywhere. And with it you also pack infinite word bank of more than 10 000 words and a savior if you get into a foreign country to a situation where you need to quickly say what you need to say. Muama LingoGet also has the newest technology in voice recognition. Thanks to that, you don’t need to have a lengthy set of commands to use it.

What are the all things you can do with language assistant?

  • You can learn more than 30 world languages from the comfort of your home.
  • You can choose one of the 3 levels of difficulty for learning.
  • Spend less time learning words and more time speaking the language.
  • Save the time that you would normally use to study languages.
  • You can see the progress thanks to 10 to 15 minutes lessons, which you can do even with limited spare time in your schedule.
  • Get rid of the old and non-effective methods of learning languages and start learning in a modern and fun way, which is more effective.
  • Travel to foreign countries without even knowing the languages.
  • You can try automatic voice recognition on the street.
  • You can use it to transfer Speech to Text.
  • Easier traveling thanks to instant translate of the spoken word. And of course, have a lot of fun.

How does learning foreign languages with Muama LingoGet work?

In the process of learning new language, you aren’t actually learning the new language. You are using it.

The learning process works on the principle of repeating and memorizing new words, expressions and phrases. The system will make you repeat words until you will be confident with using the language in real life.

  • When you begin learning a new language, there is an emphasis on learning the right words.

Do you also don’t understand why learning a foreign language at school, they give you a lot of words you’re never going to use? The developers of the smart language assistant and translator Muama LingoGet also don’t understand this learning concept. That’s why we offer commonly-used phrases that you can make use of for everyday conversation. The language teacher used by LingoGet, teaches you the first 1 000 words up to 8x quicker than basic school lessons.

  • Get ready with Muama LingoGet on real life situations.

The voice recordings are made by native speakers with perfect pronunciation, which you can also easily learn by just listening to them. This way, you can easily remove classic beginner mistakes and you can adopt the basics of the language. Our reviews positively uplift the effectivity of learning, which when you’re learning a new language you won’t get from neither the native speaker nor from expensive language courses.

  • Learn without mistakes from the beginning.

The best language experts worked on our translation software for this device. That is why you can always be sure that they are correct, and you can rely on them. Thanks to interactive training dialogs you can also get the certainty in the foreign language and you learn to speak from high grounds.

With Muama LingoGet, you can learn as many languages as you want. You will also save money and have lot of fun.

Parameters of the device (speed, battery life, what is in the box, etc.)

The translator and electronic teacher has  is battery-friendly. Thanks to it, it can work for up to 12 hours on one charge. You will never  have to stop your lesson or a conversation with some interesting foreigner, because of low battery.

In the basic kit, you get the electronic learning assistant with an integrated battery and a charging cable. The device is needed to connect through Bluetooth to your smartphone with the installed app for LingoGet. You can easily get the app on your phone with iOS on  Appstore. If you want to pair your device with a smartphone that has Android, you need to download the app from Play Store. Right after you turn it on, you can choose one of more than 30 world languages, that you want to start learning. And everything else it’s up to you. The lessons with electronic language assistant are quicker and easier than the language courses you’re used to from school.

Muama LingoGet is designed for both beginners and intermediate users. Thanks to its 3 levels of difficulty, literally anyone can benefit from it. It has a word bank with more than 10 000 words that are needed for everyday conversations. It will help you learn quickly and remember important expressions and how to use them effectively. With its electronic language assistant, you don’t have to be scared of asking people for details on the street in a foreign country, such as asking locals for the way to your hotel. And you can do that, even though you can’t really speak their language.  The language assistant has automatic voice recognition technology, thanks to which you get feedback and translation for everything that was just said in your proximity. Thanks to our Speech to Text tool,you can even have the spoken reply immediately recorded in your text file.

Installation and setting the device up

Are you finally holding your personal language assistant Muama LingoGet and are you looking forward to going on trips with it in your pocket? Before you can completely use it, you have to activate it and pair it with a mobile app on your smartphone. You can easily download it from the App store or Play store, depending on your OS. You will get detailed instructions on how you can download the app for your device.

In order to use the translator on the street, you need to connect it with your smartphone through Bluetooth. The easiest way to do that is to enable the mobile hotspot setting on your smartphone. Don’t forget to turn on internet for both hotspot and the phone. You can get internet for your phone just by buying a pre-paid sim card or by using the wireless data modem Muama Ryoko.

In the mobile app, you can change the language settings or level of difficulty, but also you can define how you are going to use the device (translator or teacher). Are you going to learn the language using ordinary methods or are you going to use the device as a smart language assistant, which will work as your personal interpreter?

Frequently asked questions

Where to buy LingoGet?

You can buy the language assistant on the internet in the official eshop here.

How much does the device cost?

You can find out the current price on this website (sometimes there are sales). So, you can buy the device cheaper.

How much does the shipping cost?

The seller has free shipping. You will get the device in a matter of a few days.

Till when can I return it?

The seller gives a 30-day guarantee and your money back.

How many languages can I learn?

With our electronic translator and language teacher, you can learn more than 30 world languages, including traditional English, German, French or Spanish. Thanks to its integrated technology for voice recognition, you can go from one to another easily. You just have to start speaking and the device finds out on its own which language you speak.

Can I use the device as a personal translator?

Yes, the device has a revolutionary system for voice recognition. Thanks to this technology, you instantly get feedback and translation in real time. With using the technology for transcribing speaking to text (Speech to Text) you can also save the whole conversation as a text file on your phone.

Can you use the device on its own?

Unfortunately, no. To get access to all of its functions, you have to pair it with an app on your smartphone. You can download this from either the AppStore or Google Play. The smart language assistant communicates with your phone through Bluetooth.

How do you change the language and level of difficulty of the language for studying?

With the help of the paired phone app, you can change all the settings of your language assistant. Do you want to learn two languages at once? No problem, you can switch in between them in the app, where you also set the levels of difficulty, type of exercise and a lot more parameters.

Can you use the Muama LingoGet language assistant completely alone?

Yes, it is possible, but you have to expect that that you won’t be able to use all of its possibilities. For complex functionality, you need to use the device with the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet, in which both of the devices have to be connected to the internet. The internet connection is also needed if you want to use LingoGet as your personal automatic interpreter and translator.

How did the language assistant Muama LingoGet do in our review?

Interesting benefits of the language assistant and electronic interpreter we see because it’s:

  • Easy to use,
  • It’s small and compact,
  • Long lasting battery
  • You can use it for both learning languages and automatic interpreting,
  • High effectivity of learning,
  • Excellent price
  • Word bank of more than 10 000 words.
  • The ability to translate to more than 30 world languages,
  • The ability to set difficulty of learning,
  • And of course, because it offers practical words that you will use in casual conversations.

In the cons of language assistant Muama LingoGet you can count on the need to connect it to the internet through some other smart device, even if you want to use it for automatic translation in casual situations on the street. If you don’t have to pay a lot of money for expensive internet and free WI-FI, you should get a practical wireless modem Muama Ryoko. You are going to have secure wireless internet connection for your language assistant anytime and anywhere.

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