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Muama Ryoko

Do you often travel and at the same time need uninterrupted access to fast internet? Are you afraid of connecting to public networks in hotels and airports? If you're looking for speed and safety in one, check out your new travel partner. Muama Ryoko wireless modem. It exceeds your expectations and gives you unlimited possibilities of 4G LTE internet connection almost anywhere and anytime. This device is small and lightweight and easily fits in your pocket.

Muama Ryoko
Muama Ryoko

Cut out for unimaginable

Muama Ryoko is a wireless data modem of minimum size capable of generating a portable WiFi network via a 4G LTE data connection. With this device, you will be able to connect to the internet from virtually anywhere without having to access often insecure public networks or pay for sometimes outrageously overpriced roaming. Due to the combination of a favourable price and a high degree of security, the modem represents a unique source of portable wireless WiFi, to which you can connect not only your mobile phone, but also a tablet, laptop or even headphones. You can use Muama Ryoko in more than 38 countries worldwide, including almost all European destinations.

The Muama Ryoko pocket modem is the best way to stay online on the road or in case of a classic internet connection failure. In addition, using it will eliminate the risk that your data will fall into the wrong hands and be misused.

What can happen after accessing a public WiFi network?

When staying in a new hotel, do you automatically ask for the password to the WiFi network and look forward to handling business and private matters comfortably? Hackers are waiting for this moment. They cause more than a billion Euros in damage every year and steal a huge amount of personal data. Unprotected public WiFi networks greatly simplify their work. Many of us are unaware of the risk and carelessly access online banking from the public WiFis.

Don´t facilitate the hackers´ work by serving them your data and money on a silver platter. The easiest way to keep your data safe is to connect securely to your unique personal WiFi network secured via WPA2. Always have your modem at hand and protect your data.

How does portable WiFi with Muama Ryoko work?

Accessing the internet through a Muama Ryoko router is currently the most secure and at the same time the most effective way to protect your personal data. With this unique device that fits in your pocket, you can create a secure wireless WiFi network virtually anywhere.

After inserting the SIM card and switching on the modem, the device automatically connects to the strongest local network. Depending on the destination, 3G, 4G or LTE it will start transmitting a secured wireless network. Any device that knows the SSID and network password can connect to this network. Internet access can be shared with up to 8 devices at the same time. You connect not only your phone, but also your laptop, tablet, headphones or even a game console.

You can even set blocking of risky or unwanted applications, such as ads, pop-ups, and so on. You will receive the modem immediately ready for use. Everything is transparent and simple, no additional fees or flat rate payments. Just turn the modem on, set it up and use it. The price also includes a package of 500 MB of data.

Get rid of pointless roaming charges and give up chasing the dangerous free public networks. Hit the road with a modem in your pocket.

Technical details of Muama Ryoko

You don't have to constantly worry about how long you will be able to stay connected to a safe and extra fast internet. Even if the connection to the 3G, 4G, LTE network or mobile hotspot literally sucks the juice out of your mobile devices, the battery of the Muama Ryoko modem is extremely durable and will support you even in the most critical moments. Its endurance is 15 hours and the data whizz at speed of up to 150 Mbps. This is fully sufficient for telephone calls over the Internet.

The basic package includes, in addition to the Muama Ryoko modem, also a charging cable, a battery and, above all, a SIM card with 500 MB of data valid for 30 days. After the expiration of the data plan or using up all of your data, you can purchase additional data on a one-time basis and extend the usability of your router. All can be done simply online at

Of course, you can also use your operator´s SIM card or buy a local SIM card abroad and insert it into the device.

What can you do with 500 MB of secured and extra fast data?

  • You can spend 5 hours surfing on the internet.
  • You can enjoy up to 25 hours of map navigation.
  • You will be able to send up to 250,000 data messages via online messengers.
  • You can receive or send up to 2,500 e-mails.
  • You can upload up to 1 000 photos to social networks.
  • You can spend up to 150 minutes on phone calls over internet.

Installation and setting

Finally you hold your brand new Muama Ryoko in your hand and you cannot wait to explore the unlimited possibilities of portable WiFi. Before you can connect to it, you need to perform the initial modem and network settings. You can do this easily in a few steps:

1. Download the FLEXIROAM X APP on your smartphone or tablet (android, iOS).

2. Register and login to the app. Don´t forget to verify our account by clicking to the link that was sent to you in a registration e-mail.

Muama Ryoko instalation

3. Click on the app button „Link Starter Pack“ and scan the barcode that is locatedbehind the SIM card. At this moment your SIM card will be activated and you will automatically receive 500 MB of free data.

Muama Ryoko instalation, step 3

4. Insert SIM card into the device and turn it on.

5. Connect your mobile device to portable WiFi transmitted by the modem.

In this step you can use 2 connection methods:

  • Press WPS button (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) on the right side of the modem. After that, QR code appears on its screen. After scanning the QR code, your mobile phone will automatically connect to the portable WiFi.
  • On your mobile phone or laptop, view the available networks and select the one whose name corresponds to the name shown on the modem Muama Ryoko display. You will also find the network password in the same place. Enter this password in your mobile device.

6. You can change your modem setting according to your needs through the web interface after entering The default user name and password is: admin.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy the device?

You can purchase the device at the official e-shop at this website.

What is the price of the modem?

Current price can be found at this website. The seller also provides various discounts. If you are lucky, you can get the device at a bargain price.

How much does the shipping cost and when will I receive my parcel?

Shipping is free. The seller processes orders within 24 hours; your parcel will be delivered in a few days.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, you can return the modem within 30 days.

How many devices can be connected?

Muama Ryoko can share the wireless access to the internet with up to 8 devices. In addition to your laptop, you can easily access the internet also with your smartphone or headphones. Or you can share you data with your friends or family members.

How do I change the WiFi name and password?

The default WiFi network user name and password are printed on the label inserted inside the device. It can be seen once the battery is unmounted. To change the modem setting and edit the login name, password or network name, you have to login to the web interface at: The default user name and password is: admin.

Does the device include data SIM card?

Yes. The modem is delivered together with a SIM card that has a pre-set data plan for 30 days with 500 MB data allocation. It will be activated when you start using the modem. After its expiration or using up of the entire data capacity you can order a new package. You can choose from several options based on your preferences regarding the number of active days and the volume of downloaded data. The shortest options offers a portable WiFi for 10 days, the longest for 360 days.

How is the payment for data made?

There is no payment for data in the popular form of flat rate. Just buy a modem with a SIM card with a 500 MB data package which you can used up to 30 days. If you need additional data, you can purchase them online on a one-time basis.

Can I use my own SIM card?

Yes. The Muama Ryoko modem will also work with the SIM card of any other mobile phone operator. For information on the prices of data plans in individual countries and the possibilities of their use, contact your mobile phone operator.

Supported countries

Your WiFi router is able to cover the whole Europe and more. It can also be used in most countries in Africa, Asia, North and South America and Oceania. Currently, the router works reliably in more than 39 countries worldwide. The Muama Ryoko modem connects to the strongest local network immediately after landing at your destination. However, you can set your preferences and connect to a different network. Do you want to check if your modem is active in the specific country you would like to visit? Find out in advance the coverage at your destination at://

What are the results of the Muama Ryoko modem test?

There are many clear benefits you can gain from this modem, especially:

  • it is easy to use,
  • data speed,
  • minimum dimensions,
  • number of devices that can be connected at the same time,
  • good price,
  • and of course high level of data security.

We haven´t found many disadvantages of Muama Ryoko router. Some users, especially the conservative ones, might point out the impossibility to purchase the next data package in a brick and mortar shop. Everything needs to be solved online. On the other hand, you get at least 30 days to test the device.

10 thoughts on “Muama Ryoko

  1. Anonymous

    Still not clear of cost associated with so call data card. Ia the wi-fi connection free or it seems to me you must purchase sims or data card once the 500 MB is completely gone and used up..

  2. Maldonado

    So, when you purchase data, can you purchase as needed on your own time line or do you have to pay monthly whether you use all your data or not?

  3. Velez

    How far can the signal reach? Can I connect a modem or wifi mesh to have signal within the house?

  4. WIlliam W.

    The big question everyone has and can’t seem to find is how do we reload data so it can be used when wanted. Are there data cards to buy online that we scan in, like straight talk? Or do we just buy credits and apply them when wanted for an allocation of data? Where to get them and how much? Please find a way to answer this.

    1. Bubba J

      It seems you must purchase a SIM from your own provider and the cost will be whatever that provider charges. It looks like they are basically selling you hardware only and throwing a small amount of data so you can try it out. I wonder who supplies them with the initial SIM and which countries does the limited data service they give you work?

      1. Bill

        I have one of these and I just ran out of my initial data (went over 30 days). To get extra time you are supposed to send them an email and they will get back to you. They have three plans, something like 3, 5 and 10 GB /month but you have to pay monthly and I don't know if there is any carry over of unused data. I think I am going to go to WalMart and try a pay as you go sim card. I am usually around WiFi and just want this for backup or if I need to get to a blocked site at work so I don't need another monthly ding on my bank account.

        After looking around you can get unlimited data plans for what they want for 10GB per month. So $90 get you the device and 500MB data. I do like this device better than the T-Mobile hotspot I had before. I have a super cheap mobile provider with basically no mobile data provided so I can't really use my phone as a hotspot. One could get an unlimited plan on your phone and hotspot off of that if you always have your phone with you. I don't.

  5. Paula

    Have the same question as everyone can you show &/or tell how to purchase more data & how much. Not gonna buy it for just 1x use for 30days or less


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